Where your child spends each day happy, learning, and thriving.

atwater park preschool


APC provides the best possible start in life for your child. Children and their families interact with experienced teachers leading a wide variety of educational activities with a common goal: To lay the cornerstones of a successful life.

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At APC strong bonds are created among teacher, child, and family. Teachers guide and nurture each child so that he or she feels confident and socially involved in the classroom's activities.

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Atwater Park Center has been providing high quality educational and therapeutic programs for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers since 1968. Our diverse community includes many cultures, languages, and developmental abilities. All young children need love, respect, and a safe and engaging environment.

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Our curriculum is play-based and encourages creativity, problem solving, collaboration with peers, and communication skills. Children leave APC well prepared for success in school and life.

Full Day  9AM-5PM
Half Day  9AM-1PM,
Extended Hours  7:30AM-9AM, 5PM-6PM

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We offer children wonderful experiences at APC, full of discovery, stimulation, and fun. You can feel confident that your child will be happy here. Our mission is to provide the highest quality childcare and we welcome your active involvement in our program, since you are the expert about your child.

APC provides developmentally sensitive educational programs and childcare for young children 2 through 5 years between the hours of 7am to 6pm daily. We offer part-time, full-time and extended day programs to meet the needs of families.

You are always invited to be a part of our APC family! Feel free to join us in the classroom, at family events, or just to call us with questions or information about your child. We welcome your involvement.

Please communicate with us regularly about your play preferences, family routines, and beliefs. We will work closely with you to honor your culture, preferences, and desires as it pertains to your child's life at our school.


For our Regional Center Clients

APC continues to provide therapeutic educational home-based and center-based services to our Regional Center clients. Consulting occupational, physical, and speech therapists work with children at the Center, communicating with families and Regional Center service coordinators on a regular basis. This comprehensive, wrap-around care exemplifies best practice service to benefit our young children in need of extra attention.

Please contact your service coordinator with questions or concerns about your child's services.