APC offers several program options and we are committed to work with you and your child to meet your needs. Our staff is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Full Day Childcare


Half-day Preschool


Extended Hours

7:30am-9Am & 5PM-6PM

  • Children age 2 through 5 years
  • Toilet training not required
  • Creative Curriculum
  • 50 years of experience
  • Low student to teacher ratio
  • Large, inviting playground
  • University student involvement
  • Outstanding educational program
  • Individually-based, sensory friendly instruction and care



Each classroom is tailored to meet the developmental ages of the children. We know that children learn best through hands-on experiences, so our program "teaches by doing." Children are exposed to a select variety of toys and activities that stimulate their senses, ignite their curiosity, and encourage exploration. The passion for knowledge begins in the body, so children play with objects that are interesting, inviting, and age appropriate.

Our children at APC spend a good deal of time outdoors on the large play yard with gross motor toys such as "coup cars," tricycles, slides and ramps. They also play several times a day in the playground area, where play structures appropriate for their ages are available. This safe space is a time for children to let off steam by running and playing hard or a place where children can play quietly with a variety of sensory items such as sand, water, beans, etc. Teachers are stationed at crucial areas and play along with the children, helping them when needed but not interfering with their play.

A recent study noted that college-aged students who were the best prepared for advanced learning in their college environment were once children who had a lot of opportunity to play freely. We believe in the wisdom of play and encourage play that stimulates the imagination and the senses in order to build a "better brain" that will easily adapt to the challenging, exciting world of higher education.

Technological advances in brain studies have shown that ninety percent of a child's brain growth occurs in the first five years of life. During these years of rapid brain development, children are totally dependent on caring adults' knowledge, compassion and informed care-giving to support optimal growth and development. This is a perfect time to enhance your child's development with structured loving support and an enriched educational environment. Our program is designed to do just that—to provide the best possible start in life for all children at all levels of development.

Research has also shown that young children learn best in the context of relationships. Relationships provide the context for the learning and growth of young children, stimulating speech, curiosity, and fostering self-confidence. It is therefore crucial that children be treated with respect and love. Our staff is trained in positive discipline and relationship-based principles of care. Your child receives support and acknowledgment of his/her achievements. Each child's individual differences are appreciated and applauded as they grow and develop at their own pace. The scheduling and pacing of APC have been carefully designed to best suit the needs of young children but the day's activities are flexible enough to take the individual needs of children into account. Our high teacher to student ratio allows teachers to work in very small groups and individually with children when they need special attention, are having a tough day, or are not feeling well.


For more information on the value of play, please refer to our Resources Page