Some young children in our program are developing faster than others. In our child development center, our consulting occupational, speech, and physical therapists work with children and consult with the teachers to create activities, exercises, and classroom activities that will maximize a child's full potential, thereby benefiting the classroom as a whole. Visiting student teachers and professionals from local universities bring innovative ideas and stimulation to our teachers. This constant training and input to the teachers informs them at all levels so that all of the children in our program receive high quality, developmentally based education and childcare services.


In addition to the positive influence of area colleges, visiting student teachers, and professional consultants, APC offers the benefit of a multi-cultural environment reflective of our rich urban environment. Many of our teachers are bi-lingual Spanish/English. In addition, several of our teachers "speak" sign language, so the children are taught basic sign language. Having hands to communicate as a child's young mouth is trying to form words has been shown to reduce frustration, increase communication, and stimulate the child to use his/her imagination.


Parents and family members are invited to participate in all areas of your child's day and we encourage you to discuss your care preferences with our teachers. We strive to build a strong family and teacher/caregiver partnership, so please share your ideas with us and get as involved as your schedule permits.